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Desh Bhagat Institutes and Colleges endeavours for Excellence Through Efforts. Here, we turn out experts studded with skills behoving future hotel dynasts. Our aim is to make them mobile micropaedias of their field. We make them confident, charismatic and provide a cutting-edge to their physical and intellectual make-up. We do things differently here and the outcome is our soaring success in this venture. We impress upon our scholars that one's head, hand and heart must go hand in hand for a wholesome effect.

We firmly believe that there is no substitute for hard work. Our studied opinion is that the food we take shapes our thoughts. Our thoughts result in our actions. Repeated actions form our habits. These habits constitute our character. Our character culminates in our destiny. May success be your destiny!

Kudos to the Governors of the Institute, Teaching Faculty and the Non-Teaching Staff. I also express my thanks to the Parents in reposing their faith in us and making this Institute their First Pick.

The upshot of this communique is that the very initial letters of Desh Bhagat Group speak volumes about our aim which is to chisel
D - Dedicated
B - Brand Ambassadors to
G - Govern and Guide the future of Hotel Industry.

(Dr. Zora Singh)
Desh Bhagat Institutes and Colleges



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