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Dear Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome each one of you, on behalf of the management, staff and myself to this premier institution of professional education.This institution has a team of excellent faculty in various disciplines with blend of industry and academic excellence. Rich and innovative programmes in an academic environment to facilitate learning skills, knowledge and attitude are carefully designed. Students are the harbinger of change. Our goal is to create an environment where students learn as a team how to tackle difficult, complex situations by probing, discussing and integrating.

This institution offer students the opportunity to develop academic and professional excellence with hands on practical experience with a view to enjoy rewarding careers in the dynamic world of hospitality, catering and tourism or to become an entrepreneur.

We teach them to visualize what is expected of them in the industry. We work for technological, personal and professional development so as to make them disciplined professionals, willing to serve with a positive attitude.

  Amit Sachdeva





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